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Mohit Jain | June 14, 2013


Although appearance wise nothing can beat the rural loveliness of a recently installed cedar shingle or shake roof. There is no doubt that your cedar roof ought to sustain its good looks for many years if you are prepared to put in your time and money for its regular maintenance.

Once you start overlooking regular maintenance your cedar roof to face problems. Just like asphalt, cedar shingles and shakes are also at risk of rot and moss growth, more so in the shaded areas. Poor maintenance will let leaves and rubbish to accumulate on your cedar roof, which entraps moisture and in turn speeding the progression of decay.

Although moisture on its own can cause destruction to your untreated cedar roof, nevertheless the sun is also an enemy of cedar. Cedar shingles and shakes can crack due to the UV rays of the sun and in due course lead to leakage. It is highly recommended that you treat your cedar roof with chemical preservative in a span of every three to six years. This is more important for houses in moist climates. You need to think about this continuing cost at the time of comparing quotes for different options for roofing.

As their asphalt counterparts, cedar shingles and shakes also come with an extensive variety of warranties that may or may not that essentially reveal their tangible lifetime. Still worse is the fact that such ‘warranties’ are mostly pro-rated which means that your warranty worth lessens the older your roof gets. The durability of cedar roof depends chiefly on the quality of installation, the maintenance, and the quality of the cedar itself.

Asphalt or composition shingles are used on the majority of homes and these are made of a base, which is organic or fiberglass, drenched with asphalt and covered with minerals on the upper side to defend against weathering. Between the fiberglass shingles and organic shingles the fiberglass ones are additional flexible and stronger. Shingles usually come in an extensive assortment of colors. These composition roofs can easily be superimposed with a new roof if the original roof is in a single layer and very good form. The life of the composition shingles depends on the rating and quality ranging anywhere between 20 to 30 years. Most of the manufacturers agree to overlay a composition roof if it is still under warranty, but it is better that it be done by a knowledgeable, qualified and certified roofer. This is because the usual problems as well as maintenance concerns arise when during the installation ventilation and/or flashing was not provided satisfactorily.

Dimensional shingles are just akin to composition shingles. The only difference is that dimensional shingles are thicker and available in customized look. Dimensional shingles have much better lifespan with an expectancy up to 40 years that depends on the rating. Like composition shingles, the dimensional shingles have similar concerns and problems of building up of moss, quality, as well as sufficient venting/flashing.

Shingles and shakes, both besides being used as roofing material are also used as a siding material and a siding style.

What is Metal and Slate Roofing?


Home Repair Articles | February 15, 2013

Everyone loves to have a beautiful house. People try their best to keep their houses beautiful and well- protected from the various natural hazards. Everything from top to bottom of the house should be taken care of and you need to do a makeover often. The weather keeps changing and making a new roof all the time does not make sense. The time when the most used roofing material was shingles has gone and people are now switching to the metal and slate roofing material.

Benefits of metal and slate roofing

You have to weigh pros and cons of metal and slate roofing before arriving on the decision for the cost. Hiring a contractor would be ideal and he would give you all the information. The contractors of Cape Cod give you lots of choices regarding roofing in Cape Cod, MA. Roofers will also brief you about the benefits of slate roofing. Many roofers have come up with green roofing options which save cost and energy. In fact, metal roofing and slate roofing are very popular as ecofriendly roofing materials.

The greatest benefit is that they are abundant and natural. The metal and slate roofing of Cape Cod, MA have an elegant and classic appearance. The best part is that these materials can be styles the way you want; apply colors and prints that matching your house. It does not matter that you live in a sort of green fashion because of the high energy efficiency that the roof provides. There have been related studies that show this roofing has saved up to 40% energy. The only drawback is that they have a higher cost in comparison to other roofing materials. But they are worth the expense.

One more amazing benefit that metal and slate roofing has is that it can withstand all elements. If you go to see roofs with shingles are also designed to serve this purpose. They are made to last long. The fact remains that roofs with shingles lasts between ten to fifteen years whereas the metal roofing of Cape Cod, MA lasts for a good forty years. The slate roofing on the other hand lasts for long years. Durability is the reason why the metal and slate roofing costs you more than the other roofing types. It is a wise decision because if you have some other roofing you would keep replacing it in some years and eventually end up spending more than what you would do for buying metal roofing. So, go ahead and have a beautiful and long-lasting roof.

The Fundamentals of Tile Roofing


Nancy Suzan | August 17, 2012

The roofing consists of the key to a developing. There are different types of rooftops according to the environment and regional circumstances of a position. Whatever the kind or size or framework of the roofing, rooftops form a fundamental element of a developing. It not only defends the developing against the weather and other circumstances but also contributes to the style and beauty of the home. The tile roof framework is recommended by most people, as tiles is available in different colors and designs and is also simple to substitute or fix. Tile roofing fix or tile roofing alternative can be quickly done whether you have a smooth roofing or a sloping roof. Its material can be clay or tangible concrete. They are actually clay-based which is shot at a very warm. Sometimes tangible concrete is included, or cellulose is included to produce light or heavy kind of tile roof framework. The tile roof framework is available in different kind of colors and you could start a change in your home or your workplace by going for a tile roofing alternative.

This is a very convenient and simple to do the job. It not only gives your home a new perspective completely but also defends your developing from the snow, the rainfall, the warm etc. Another advantage is that it allows more air movement and keeps you cool during the hot summer season. They are also nonflammable and offer you security against fire. The tile roofing alternative can be quickly done, and it is affordable too. Tile to roof fixes involved hardly an hour and can be quickly done by any employee. You just need a smooth pry bar which should be used to lift the tiles on either side of the broken tile. Now you can quickly take out the broken tile. In case the tile is nailed down, then eliminate the claw with the help of a sort before you fall out the tile. After eliminating the broken tile, position the new tile in its position and now eliminate the smooth pry cafes which are positioning the tiles and let it fall into its position.

This can also be done as an included security from severe freezing and warm. In some countries, either the warm is intolerable or the freezing. This roof framework would not only provide making a new look, but also secure you from the intolerable freezing or warm. The tile roofing fix can be quickly done instead of tile alternative if it is just a small break thereby costing you less and time. You can mix some mortar and fill in your break and just layer it with the tile color. If you have a broken roof or if you wish to provide a new look to your home, and then it is the best option. The best supply for defending your home from those leaking and breaks on your roofing is to offer such roof framework which would not only secure your developing but also offer a long-lasting solution for your home. Both freezing and warm can be controlled with the help of a tile roof framework thereby reducing your air conditioning bills.

Roofing Options for Flat and Low Slope Roofs.


Bob B. Hamilton | September 26, 2012

There are a variety of options available when it comes time to install roofing on a new construction home or replacing an old one including cedar shingles, asphalt roofing, different types of flashing, metal roofing and PVC roofing. You also find different styles of roofing that come in all these varieties and it can be hard to know which options are right for you and the style of your home. This choice is made even harder when you have a low slope or totally flat roof. Most roofing is made with the standard house arch in mind but don’t worry, there are a number of options for both flat and low slope roofs as well.

PVC Roofing
Obviously, you want what everyone else wants from a roof; a durable, long living and affordable solution that is hopefully maintenance free or at least low maintenance. For flat roofs you have a few options, the first being PVC. PVC roofing is a large plastic flexible panel that can be set in as roofing. It might sound inadequate initially but when secured the roofing is amazing strong and durable despite being single ply. PVC roofing is also typically treated or modified to stand up to the weather, the heat, and wetness, and is also light weight and extremely low maintenance once installed.

SBS Modified Roofing System
If you don’t want the PVC you can get the SBS modified roofing system. This is a semi-flexible roofing panel that is made up of several different layers and is available in a few varieties such as asphalt based, a strong reinforced fabric and more. A SBS modified roofing system can be applied and adhered in cold weather, is extremely durable and suggested for long term roofing needs, especially if you want a roof that calls for little or no maintenance.

When it comes to setting up flat or low slope roofing you need to make sure that compact roof designs are employed. These have to be pieced together quickly and tightly and come with a lot of insulation. Make sure that the design is tight with flat roofing because it can be especially weak during harsh weather if you don’t keep it properly insulated. Luckily, most of the options are durable and won’t require much maintenance, but the utmost care must be taken during installation.

Once you decide between SBS roofing, PVC or the few varieties of metal roofing available for your flat or low slope roof, then you are ready to install. Installing your flat or low slope roofs shouldn’t be taken likely; to get the best results hire a professional and you will be guaranteed great, long lasting results.


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